I’m James sanchez, I’m A Photographer

About Us

I’m a firm believer that traveling is always a good idea. You may find me on the next flight ready to explore the world with my better half, hunting to capture the perfect photo or moment. I enjoy fine dining and indulging in new cuisine. I’m a self proclaimed foodie, of all kinds of foods.

Getting to know each couple and their unique story is my favorite part of the job. And I’m secretly super pumped when I meet new couples! Whisky and Tequila are my favorite pair to spend my days off. Dont be confused they are my two wonderful pitbull fur babies. Both are very loving and caring, it makes it difficult to have a bad day with them by my side.

 I can’t wait to meet you and work together. I am thrilled to be a part of the start of the journey for every couple I work with!

Some Of My Skills

Wedding Photography
Family photography
Photo Editing


How We Work


You’ve probably been checking out tons of different photographers in the process -that’s great! My work is a very specific style and artist direction focusing on adventurous photo sessions and wedding Couples who want a bold artistic piece of art created to capture their day.



We brainstorm together to build your vision no matter the location.



We discuss all important details and factors that are important to you and your loved ones.



Details and ideas come together this is where the fun beings! we get into our creative side and do what we do best.

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Colaboration With


Owing to our years of experience in photography, we have had business with the following high profile partners of international repute.