Why Are Photographers So Expensive?


Why Are Photographers So Expensive?


Photos are the only way to nurture the memories that are gone forever. We all take photos with our smartphones; some even use professional gear. But the difference between professional and amateur photography isn’t just the gears.

The first thing consumers notice is how expensive professional photographers are. Let’s try to dissect what makes photographers so expensive.


5 Reasons Photographers are Expensive

Once you know what makes photographers so expensive, everything will start making sense to you. Here are five reasons why photographers are so expensive:

  1. It’s Time Consuming

To most people, it seems like the photograph stands behind the camera, presses the button, and is done with it. It takes less than a second to take a picture. And that’s normal to assume. But the time associated with this minor and straightforward procedure remains unseen most of the time.

The photographer has to travel to the location. Picking a suitable spot, setting up the lights, setting up the camera, etc., takes a substantial amount of time. Also, no one hires a photographer for just one click. It’s usually a whole day process. To compensate for all the time required, photographers charge high.

  1. The Gears are Expensive

Every product in every sector has two opposite price points; from dirt cheap to ridiculously expensive. Gaming gears, cars, household appliances, you name it; there are always two price points. Photography gears are the same. Yes, there are affordable ones. But for being a professional photographer, the cheap ones won’t do.

A camera tripod, remote shutter release, prime lens, speedlight, etc., are some of the essential tools a professional photographer needs. And all of them are pretty expensive. Starting as a photographer isn’t cheap; the price of photography is generally high.

  1. It’s a Fulltime Job

There are differences between the one who does photography as a hobby and the one who sees it as a full-time job. Your friends or relatives who have a good quality camera and all the necessary gear but are not professionals might take your pictures for free.

For a professional photographer, it’s his livelihood. He has to feed his family and pay the bills through photography. He can’t afford to do it cheaply. Even if he can reduce his price slightly, he can’t do it to stay competitive in the market. You will automatically assume that an expensive photographer is better than some who charge less.

  1. A Lot Goes Behind the Scene

After taking the pictures and before delivering the products, a lot goes on that you don’t see. Transferring the images to the computer, keeping the right ones, and deleting the rest, editing the photos isn’t a cakewalk. It is time-consuming and takes much effort.

Professional photographers use genuine software for photo editing, and this software isn’t cheap. As a price of the overall package, the cost of photography increases.

  1. The Experience Comes at A Cost

Photography isn’t a desk job. It’s more like the job of surgeons or dentists. You become proficient as time goes by. Lots of labor and money goes into the journey of becoming a professional photographer. And all that experience and knowledge has a cost too.

You can’t expect the price of a fresh photographer and a veteran one to be the same. The extra price you pay is for a seasoned photographer’s years of experience.



Expensive gears, years long experience and tons of work goes behind capturing that perfect photo. And without a doubt each of those aspects add to the cost behind hiring a professional photographer.

If you are looking for professional photographers at respectable pricings to eternalize your most beautiful moments, book an appointment with us today.

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